Monday, 13 May 2013

Interview with Gebrechlichkeit

A few months ago, I contacted Chaos of Gebrechlichkeit and discussed his band. Unfortunately, due to illness and other commitments, I haven't found the time to release the interview until now. Enjoy.

Andras: What first inspired you to play black metal?

Chaos: Black Metal is not just music, it´s a attitude towards life and that´s the fact making it easy for me, playing Black Metal and writing songs for it. It´s because for doing this there is no need for me playing a role or pretend myself, I can just be me. Living the life I´ve devoted to Black Metal.

Andras: You released your first two albums independently, but recently signed to Asatru Klangwerke for the release of your 2012 album "Glanz und Elend". What was the reason for moving to this label, and will you stay with them?

Chaos: Asatru is a good label, recognizing my qualities. It don´t have to be a major deal for me, but it should be a label which has manifested itself in his position and which has good experiences; that’s what Asatru can offer me. The work with a label is good for better structures, so that I can focus more on making music and less on promotion and something like this. For the future I go on working with Asatru, what the next years will happen, no one knows, but from my side I would stick out beyond at the label.

Andras: Pestengel is listed as a past member, and has credits on the first album, but no longer seems to be active in the band. What was his role in Gebrechlichkeit, and why is he no longer a member?

Chaos: A question ask in every interview, the past with him will probably stick me forever. There were a lot of disagreements responsible for the separation. For the first on the human hand, because of knowing each other still not long. But this fact changes during the intensive joint working for the album and I noticed that he don´t understand the music of black metal like I do and he has not the respect which belongs to the genre and I would expect from a musician of  the band Gebrechlichkeit. Build on this, his interests in music were not only the black metal adhered. In principle this is okay, but he often had no time for the samples, because of attending on other projects far away from black metal and this is the fact I begin to think there were worlds between Gebrechlichkeit and his interests.
So I decided after the album, it´s time for a divorce.
I won´t tell I was pleased or saddened about the divorce, but it was an essential step for the today sound of Gebrechlichkeit. I had used the time for learning much about me and the music, growing and develop myself and my black metal.
Listening to my first black metal solo album – “Gebrechlechkeit” – I aptly named so in order to lay the foundations of the real Gebrechlichkeit sound, you will quick feel that something has changed. Writing and producing alone makes the music different, becoming more pure, it comes all out from within.
It´s quite clear an advantage for me working alone, because of not making compromises with anyone, only running my ideas free. But on the other side, it also means for me to work harder, because of the long way from the idea of a song till the ready song.

Andras: Do you have any albums in the works for the future?

Chaos: Since the beginning of this week I´ve started recording the first songs for the fifth album. There is still a lot of work in front of me, because not all songs are written yet and I´m still searching for the right kind of sound I imagine for this album.

Andras: How did you get into black metal?

Chaos: I discover the black metal for me in the age of 13 years. This kind of music addresses deep rooted needs in me. I could immediately identify with the music.

Andras: Which artists do you listen to/like? Do you listen to only black metal, or other genre as well?

Chaos: I like listen to other bm bands, but there are differences between listen and listen. How I´ve explained, the truthfulness of the artist is important for me, but you can´t often find it.
Further the bm is undergoing a change, there are sub genres of sub genres and so on, the bm had lost it´s black shine, so this is the reason why you have to filter the truthful bands out.
For me in front of all these bands stands Gorgoroth with their initiator Infernus.
Of course I also listen to other kinds of music like gabba, hakke and so on, but not in the same way I listen to bm, however I see other genres just like music, but bm is a lifestyle, a feeling for me. And music like hakke (techno, electro) or gabba, I sometimes listen to it, for getting my mind free.

Andras: Will Gebrechlichkeit ever become a live band?

Chaos: Gebrechlichkeit will always consist of one fixed member. I don´t want someone to talk into my music and that's why I prefer to write it alone.
I´m very interested in presenting my music life in public, but it´s very hard to find live musicians. Currently I have contact to somebody who would provide his band for me, but I won´t – as we say here in germany - make the horses shy.

Andras: Finally, can you tell our readers what your message is? The ideologies behind the band?

Antichrist, sadist, misanthrope
Black Metal is a way of life.
Gebrechlichekit is Black Metal.

Life and die, misanthrope, sadism, anti, morbid things

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Interview with Lord Lokhraed (Nocturnal Depression)

Andras: Where did the idea for Nocturnal Depression come from?

Lokhraed: Nocturnal Depression comes from the depths of our souls (H.Suizid and L.Lokhraed). We worked on music different from what was performed at this time. We wanted to deal with some special negative feelings as depression, suicidal thoughts and despair. There were enough bands dealing with Brutality, Satanism and War so why not trying to mix our different influences into a slow tempo?

Andras: You are now the only original member of the band remaining. Do you intend to recruit more full-time members, or just play with session/live musicians?

Lokhraed: The line-up is complete with very lives performances and participation on tracks arranging. All guys have understood the Nocturnal Depression style and are playing this way. Maybe some guests can appear sometimes but that’s another topic…

Andras: The question all fans have been wanting to know: Why did Herr Suizid leave the band?

Lokhraed: H.Suizid left the band cause he was done with ND. He had made what he wanted to do. Also the evolution of the some sub-genres and moralist people telling everybody what to do or to be, made an influence (you know when people blame you that you’re not “open” enough for some music) so he preferred to leave and let me lead ND.

Andras: You recently signed to Avantgarde Music. How did this partnership come about?

Lokhraed: Avantgarde asked for releasing “The Cult of Negation” album and we accepted their offer. They made a really great work both on cd quality than promotion. Actually they are about releasing soon the Ep “L’Isolement” which introduce the new album “Spleen Black Metal”.

Andras: How do Nocturnal Depression recreate the harsh depressive atmospheres on their albums in a live setting?

Lokhraed: Gigs are the place where we can let our alter-egos unleash them. We add the visuals sufferings that each man hide deep into him to sorrow music/melodies. Most of people has always in mind to see a slow and boring show in DSBM. One show of Nocturnal Depression is intense and with lot of moves and headbang on stage.

Andras: What is the writing and recording process? Who writes most of the music/lyrics? 

Lokhraed: Most of time, H.Suizid and I wrote the tracks and lyrics. Then we brought it into rehearsal room and worked with the other members on arranging, trying some different ideas of rhythmic we had ect… When we judge a song complete, we play it weekly then we are ready for recording it.. For “L’Isolement” Ep, our guitarist Vrede wrote lyrics in Danish for a song. On “Spleen Black Metal”, Morkhod had written a song in the pure Nocturnal Depression classic style.

Andras: Finally: what does the future hold for Nocturnal Depression? Any tours upcoming? Any albums in the works?

Lokhraed: Soon “ L’Isolement” Ep will be release by Avantgarde. Later this year, the new album “Spleen Black Metal” will be released but we don’t know which label will produce it yet. We are playing several gigs/fest across Europe and we will soon perform our second Mexican Tour.

Andras: Thanks very much for your time.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Interview with Sternenfrost (Wedard)

We spoke to Sternenfrost, sole member behind the depressive black metal band WEDARD, about his musical exploits.

Andras: What inspired you to start Wedard?

Sternenfrost: Hey, I'm inspired by black metal and the fascination of this music. It starts as a "hobby", to tell feelings of life and those thoughts you have in young years.

Andras: All of your releases, but in particular "Einsamer Winterweg", contain depressive, melancholy riffs, dark choirs and an eerie, cold ambience. What is the creative process when you come up with these songs, and how do you create such powerful pieces?

Sternenfrost: Thanks for your words. It's not about to create this way of music. I don't stay here and say to myself "Damn, create some depressive stuff..". The feeling of the songs is like my feeling at this moment of life. It's interesting to hear many years later my own songs. Strange feeling!

Andras: You say the project is for you alone, but would Wedard ever perform live with session musicians?

Sternenfrost: Mhh, I thought about, but I live in a small town in the south of Germany. This art of music isn't very popular. So it's hard to find some good members for a live show. And I don't know if this music is so good for live acts. But we will see, maybe one time!

Andras: What is the message within your music?

Sternenfrost: The message is clear. I would say its about the many different feelings in different moments of life. We have our majestic moments full of love and our dimension of the blackest dark. I never thought so many guys think Wedard is depressive Black Metal. I would say it's more a mix of atmospheric parts and melodies for dreaming. But anyway, every person has his own view and own opinion.

Andras: How long will Wedard be around? Do you ever intend to end the band, or
 just keep going as long as you are able to?

Sternenfrost: I often thought about the end. Many problems in past and a scene I don't want to be a part of. With the time I changed the sound, the themes about the songs and so on. Ideas come and ideas go. At least I would say, the end is here when no fire is left to make this art of music. For this kind of genre you need 110% feeling. 

Andras: What sort of music and bands do you like personally? Do you listen to depressive black metal?

Sternenfrost: I don't listen to much depressive Black Metal. It makes me sad (haha!). No, private I listen to (old!) Blut aus Nord, Rotting Christ or some atmospheric bands like Midnight Odyssey. Some good DSBM Bands? In Germany I would say Nyktalgia. They fuck your mind. Incredible good sound and vocals.

Andras: Wedard does not publish its lyrics - why is this?

Sternenfrost: Some lyrics of songs are published, but the most are private. In future all lyrics will be printed.. I think.

 Andras: Finally, do you have any releases planned for 2013? What shall we expect from Wedard in the future?

Sternenfrost: Maybe a split with Thy Light and the new full length. Can´t say anymore. Still working on the full length: 2014 or later is possible, too. And how it sounds? Puh, the first previews sound like a mix of Einsamer Winterweg and the last album. But anyway...

Andras: Thank you for your time.

Black Witchery - Evil Shall Prevail (1998, Demo)

A great KVLT tape. Pleasantly lo-fi, with standard black metal riffage (inverted 5th powerchords). The vocals are sufficiently grim, announcing each track name and then screaming along to the riffage. The drums are moderately inventive and fitting to the tremolo picked riffing. Under this mass of pseudo-genius lies a bass, but it isn't heard much and just plays uninventive single notes; the only negative of this tape, and one which is frequent on many black metal releases. The whole thing is steeped in darkness, and is easily listenable to any black metal fan; whether you're into the melodic riffs of Satyricon or the raw brutality of Satanic Warmaster, this release will appeal to you. GET IT!

Download link:

Monday, 14 January 2013

Lucifer's Hammer - The Burning Church (1992, Demo) Review

A decent effort by this U.S. band. Fairly inventive downtuned riffage changes into slow, doomy power chords throughout. Bass is only audible as bass; no treble in there, though it does have a little solo (literally a few notes) in the title track. Drums change style throughout the demo, adding real colour to the riffs, and have a raw feel to the snare drum (similar to Quorthon's on the Octagon album by Bathory). The whole demo tape is quite dark: there are sound clips of dripping water, some mock-satanic speech, then of burning (what we can assume is a church). There's a nice solo at the start of Burning Church, too. The vocal approach of Todd Cushman, the singer of L.H., is somewhere between James Read of Conqueror and Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust. I recommend this to any fans of the early Church Bizarre stuff, and to fans of Blasphemy and early Archgoat. 

Download here:

Sacred Crucifix - Realms of Darkness (1989, Demo) Review

Getting my hands on this demo tape was not an easy job. Once I did finally grab hold of it, I was eager to have a listen. What I found was a pleasant mix of early death/thrash metal, gravitating more toward the death sound. The riffage throughout is a cross between death and thrash riffs, under which lie a thick bass sound and pretty standard drumming - a few fills here and there but nothing brilliant. The vocals are more guttural than shouty, taking the whole thing in a short of Possessed direction. In fact, this demo sounds like it could be an early Possessed demo, so I recommend this to anyone who likes "Seven Churches" or anything by early Obituary. A few interesting riffs and such make for a good listen.

Download it here:

Interview with Bob Macabre

We interviewed Robert Egler, aka Bob Macabre, about his famous projects, the notorious Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment, Chainsaw Dissection, Goatbleeder, and Satanic Impalement, among others. 

Andras: When did you start expressing yourself musically? What was your first band and when did this come about?

Bob: I started to learn to play guitar back in 1990.  I recorded some low-fi things with my boom box.  Well, I started recording stuff with my one guitar teacher, Wayne, back in 1996.  He program the drums and I would do the vocals and guitar.  It was mainly thrash metal that I recorded back then.  I didn't really have a name for this project.  It was just something I recorded for myself.  This was just something to get started and way before the whole online thing.  I really didn't have anyone to trade it with or a way to advertise.  Then shortly after that I started "Goatbleeder."  

Andras: Your music from several projects is clearly up to standard of (if not better than) several respective black and death metal bands. Have you sought other labels, or is there a reason you choose to release on Macabre Mastermind?

Bob: I did the Macabre Mastermind because I wanted to release my stuff under a label.  I started to release things on other labels here and there, like Redrum.  I look for other labels to release my projects, but they're either full or not interested.   Therefore I continue to release under Macabre Mastermind.

Andras: At what point did you start amassing a number of projects? Was it always your intention to have so many musical outlets?

Bob: No not really, but as I started recording more, I found different sounds I liked.  I started releasing these under different projects because they sounded different.  I mean Goatbleeder sounds different than Chainsaw Dissection; Chainsaw Dissection sounds different than P.H.D., etc.  As far as the number of projects goes, they just kind of came about as I found new and different sounds I liked.  Plus I like trying to find new sounds so new projects may be in the works.

Andras: You've collaborated with Mike Scrivens, aka The Brutal Postman, a number of times, including releases on each other's labels, splits, and bands together. When did you first come into contact with him, and how did your musical partnership come about?

Bob: Mike wrote to me after Barrett gave him a couple of one of my CDs.  He asked if I wanted to do a split on his Going Postal label, and we've been pretty much working on projects since.  We both started Death Becomes Her label to release our projects (mine, his, and ours).  You can check out the Facebook page at:

Andras: What would you say is the main difference between P.H.D. and Chainsaw Dissection?

Bob: Guitar tone, vocal styles, song length, and speed

Andras: When and how did you first get into metal?

Bob: I got an Iron Maiden tape when I was around 10 years old.  I got more of their stuff then I started listening to Slayer, Exodus, Pantera, along with some death metal bands like Death, Obituary, and Possessed.  And the rest is history.

Andras: You're clearly a huge horror film fan. Other than this, and your music, how do you like to spend your free time?

Bob: Watching football, playing my acoustic guitar, taking care of my pets. I like model trains and collecting sports items, playing old school video games (Yars Revenge, Pac Man, Donkey Kong County)

Andras: Finally: what are your future plans for P.H.D., Chainsaw Dissection and Satanic Impalement? Do you have any albums in the works? What shall we expect from Bob Macabre in 2013?

Bob: I recently had a new Chainsaw Dissection CD out called "My Chainsaw Still Executes."  I'm working on a new P.H.D. for the Death Becomes Her label.  Not really doing much with Satanic Impalement at the moment.  I'm working with Mike on our Perception of Hades project.  Also, working on some new Schizogrinder tracks. This is what I have lined up for the next couple of months.  I would like to more stuff with my Postmortem Gore Orgy.  

Thank you for your time,